Transportation for a Strong Town, Charles Marohn

Shasta Living Streets and the Sacramento Valley Section of the California APA Cascade Division recently hosted Charles Marohn for a presentation about his new book Confessions of a Recovering Engineer, Transportation For a Strong Town.”  Ideas presented give strategies for improvements that make a real difference.  Thank you to everyone who attended.  We will soon have an audio recording and short video to share with you.  

Transportation is getting worse.  And costing more. We must do better.  

Join the Community Book Reading to Learn More  

On November 9th Charles Marohn, President and founder of the Strong Towns movement joined us. Charles led a discussion of successful techniques used to build quality of life in Strong Towns that inspire and encourage the work underway in Shasta County towns today.

Confessions of a Recovering Engineer,
Transportation For a Strong Town

★ BOOKS AVAILABLE Charles Marohn’s new book is available for purchase at Shasta Living Streets. Purchase online at the link below, or contact us and stop by for purchase. 530.355.2230

  • Confessions of a Recovering Engineer: Transportation for a Strong Town
  • Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity

We offer another opportunity to join in the community discussion, whether you attended this event or not, we invite you to read Charles’ new book, “Confessions of a Recovering Engineer” and join us in a community book reading. We will host an online conversation soon.

Charles Marohn, professional engineer and founder of the Strong Towns movement, lifts the curtain on America’s transportation system in his newest book, Confessions of a Recovering Engineer. In this book tour presentation, Marohn demonstrates how the values of engineers and other transportation professionals are applied in the design process, and how those priorities differ from the values of the general public.

By showing how transportation investments are a means to an end and not an end unto themselves, Marohn reveals how the standard approach to issues like fighting congestion, addressing speeding, and designing intersections only makes transportation problems worse, at great cost in terms of both safety and resources.

By contrast, the Strong Towns approach to transportation focuses on bottom-up techniques for spending less and getting higher returns, all while improving quality of life for residents of a community.


This is another in a series of community presentations and discussions for building more livable, equitable, prosperous, healthy, and joyful communities in our region.

THANK YOU TO THE MCCONNELL FOUNDATION We are grateful to the McConnell Foundation for generous support to bring Charles Marohn to our community.

Sacramento Valley Section of the California APA

The McConnell Foundation

NorthEast Crossing Trail Opens! #ConnectOurCity

One more piece of our city trail network!
Great news – City of Redding recently completed the bridge and trail section of the Northeast Crossing Trail. Shasta Living Streets was part of the team that helped design and bring the funding for this trail project.

It’s an easy 4.5 mile walk or bike ride from Downtown Redding.

To help you get there, we created a bicycle route map from the Shasta Bike Depot to the new Bridge. 

Help get improvements on Pine St & South Market Thurs Aug 19

What is a Walkable, Bikeable City
and how do we get one?

Considering:  Pine Street, S Market to Buenaventura, Buenaventura Intersection

You are invited:
Thursday, August 19th   4:00-6:00 p.m.

  • Please join us on Zoom:    
  • Or Toll Free Call:  (669)900-6833
  • Meeting ID:  826 4382 3035

Unable to attend? Send your thoughts our way, we will include them

Comments and thoughts about safety hazards, needs for walking, biking, traffic calming – we will make sure your comments are added.
Send to: Bryson Schreder

Why? This workshop: 

Brings outside expertise to Redding to review current conditions and speak with agency staff and  local business owners about their ideas and concerns specifically regarding the experience of people walking and biking to shop, work, live and play. Interdisciplinary teams will explore solutions for challenge areas.

Shares best practice and practical solutions to improve the experience of visitors, shoppers, employers, employees – people who visit, work, play, live,  and travel using State Route 273 in Downtown and Central Redding.

Improvement ideas will be discussed for Pine Street & South Market to Buenaventura

Engages public input and collective decision-making on ways to improve our city. People are  better able to provide input with an understanding of how alternatives serve their needs.

Provides written recommendations by state experts on public comments and features that can improve the walking and biking experience and reduce collisions and safety concerns for the people businesses want to attract. These can be  used as one more form of input to current design and planning processes.

Workshop Activities

  • Goals of the Community Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Training
  • 3 focus areas: Review of collision data & suggested improvements 
  • Safe System Approach, Strategies to improve safety
  • 3 focus areas: Interdisciplinary teams public comments & discussion
  • Group Report-out of ideas 

Thank you to the Planning Team 

California Walks, UC Berkeley SafeTREC, Shasta Living Streets, Caltrans District 2, City of Redding, Shasta Co Health & Human Services Agency

Workshop conducted by California Walks and UC Berkeley SafeTREC

The Safe Transportation Research and Education Center works to reduce transportation-related injuries and fatalities through research, education, outreach, and community service.

California Walks partners with state agencies, organizations and communities to establish and strengthen policies and practices that support pedestrian safety and healthy, walkable communities.

Previous Best Foot Forward workshops and public input in Redding/Shasta

More information

Anne Thomas
Marina Ramirez


It’s A mile-long parade and party ~ you’re invited!

Celebrate with us! July 15th 7-9PM
Diestelhorst to Downtown Grand Opening

It’s a mile-long parade and party
with a big-band experience + drinks on both ends of the new trail route

and activities at businesses along the way


Papa Fez on the Diestelhorst Bridge & Soul Punch at Shasta Living Streets 1313 California St location with funk and soul music.

Drinks include: beer and hard cider – featuring Woody’s new River Trail Ale, and non-alcoholic drinks.


Remember- you are the parade 🤸🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🕺🏻🚴🏼‍♂️🏇🏽 so feel free to dress up and decorate your ride, or give your dog a bow to wear.

PARTY 7-10 PM @ Shasta Living Streets

Live band, drinks and celebration at @ Shasta Living Streets continues till 10:00PM. Downtown Redding: 1313 California Street at Shasta Street


Anne Wallach Thomas of Shasta Living Streets talks Diestelhorst to Downtown Walking and Biking Trail Grand Opening!

Click here to listen to the podcast


Want to help? Volunteer? Questions or ideas? Contact 530.355.2230 or Send us a message to:

Shasta Bike Depot taking Shape

“The depot will be a visitor’s center for transit. It’s a ‘Start Here’ spot for biking and using trails in and around Redding and the North State,” shared Anne Thomas, who will manage the Shasta Bike Depot.

Located next to Redding’s downtown Transit Center, the depot will include a public bike parking garage, classes, community events, an e-bike charging station, guided e-bike tours, and bikeshare. The vision of the depot is to offer amenities that create “comfort, convenience, and enjoyment, for the increasing number of people who choose to walk and bike to get where they want to go,” Thomas said. “This will be a place to find answers to questions, such as ‘Where do I ride?’ ‘What do I wear?’ ‘Where do I find people to ride with?’ ‘How do I put my bike on the bus?’”

“Programming the bike depot to complement the bike network improvements that the City of Redding, Caltrans and SRTA are undertaking is exciting. Imagine a family hopping on bikes near the Sundial Bridge, and easily getting to a downtown destination. Or a person who lives downtown being able to easily access the world-class Sacramento River Trail by bike,” said Rachel Hatch, Senior Program Officer for Community Vitality. “Downtowns that thrive, are those that are bikeable and walkable.”

Bicycle tourism is an important economic driver for the future of Redding, contributing $83 billion to the US economy annually.  In addition, it’s a vital option for Redding residents to get around town.  “When we give people the resources, skills and confidence they need to get around safely and conveniently by bike, they discover the ease and joy of bicycling. People in Redding and Shasta County aren’t just ready for this – they are excited about it,” Thomas said.

The McConnell Foundation’s Bell Plaza bike depot, café and outdoor courtyard, located on the corner of Shasta and California streets in downtown Redding is visibly taking shape with framing underway.  This project is a nod to a piece of Redding’s history at the former Bell Rooms site, while creating a new community amenity.

The Foundation made a 10-year funding commitment to Community Vitality in 2017. This property was the Foundation’s first downtown acquisition and is its first “ground-up” downtown development. The courtyard will be bicycle and pet-friendly.

McConnell selected Trilogy Architecture as the project designer, with its long-term presence and focus downtown. Modern Building Company is the general contractor. The company has several projects under construction in Redding, and has historic restoration experience in Chico and North Carolina. 

The Foundation is seeking a café operator that will serve fresh local foods, featuring indoor and outdoor seating. “Our café goal is for it to serve as a lively downtown spot; a place to linger and visit over food and beverages, with options for grab & go.  Refuel, explore, repeat,” said Hatch. Key components of community vitality overlap in this project. Active lifestyles, local foods, adaptive reuse, surrounded by small businesses, housing, arts and culture.”

The Shasta Bike Depot and Bell Plaza will open to the public in the spring of 2022.


For more information contact 

Shannon Phillips, COO, The McConnell Foundation
(530) 949-9460

Rachel Hatch, Senior Program Officer, The McConnell Foundation
(530) 604-0409

Anne Thomas, Executive Director, Shasta Living Streets
(530) 355-2230

e-Cargo Bike Winner!

We are excited to announce the winner of the Yuba Spicy Curry e-cargo bike is Redding resident Jenn Pollom!
Congratulations Jenn!!

Thank you Redding Electric Utility and Yuba Bicycles. We are very happy to work with these sponsors to help another local family enjoy clean, active transportation with an e-cargo bike!

Cargo bikes >> bikes that carry more!

Yes, we know there are many broken hearts. ♥️ We understand. We want every family to have an e-cargo bike to replace one of your cars!

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who purchased film festival and raffle tickets – your contributions help us bring programs and services to make Redding and Shasta County a better place to bike for everyone. We have more programs in the works to bring ebikes and clean and active transportation options to residents and visitors in Redding and Shasta County.


Join Us! Wild & Scenic Film Festival & Cargo Bike Raffle

Stunning Films, Great Stories, Gorgeous Cinematography:
To Inspire Us to Act on Behalf of Our Community and Our Planet

The Whole Earth and Watershed Festival and Shasta Living Streets are excited to be bringing to you VIRTUALLY this year:

The 3rd Annual
Wild & Scenic Film Festival – Redding Tour

FRIDAY APRIL 23, 6:30-9:00 PM

E-CARGO BIKE RAFFLE (a $5,000 value!)


Tickets are required for this virtual event.

The main event on Friday April 23rd
Opening night door prizes 6:30-7PM
5 day virtual on-demand viewing April 24 – 28th
Several ticket price levels: with cargo-bike raffle tickets & donation

Your contributions build programs to help everyone in our community embrace active living and adopt a car-lite lifestyle. Together we can build a healthier, happier community and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world! 

We are excited to help bring a Yuba cargo e-bike to a family in our community! Several Festival ticket levels – each includes raffle ticket(s) for a Yuba Spicy Curry V2 E- Cargo Bike donated by Redding Electric Utility and Yuba Bikes! The E-Cargo Bike comes with lots of add-ons and has a retail value of $5,000.

You may purchase additional raffle tickets during the Friday April 23rd evening program and any time during the 5 day Video-on-demand.

The lucky winner will be picked on Friday April 30th and notified by phone and email. Raffle prize must be picked up in person at the California Street Labs (we will not ship or deliver the bike).

please 🙂

  • To purchase tickets, click on the green button above. The process is a little awkward, but this system gives the best online film festival experience.
  • You will see multiple ticket level choices – pick the one that you prefer.
  • The Wild and Scenic Film Festival uses Qudio as the event platform. You will be asked to create an account by giving the email you want to receive information on and make a password. They will then direct you to the tickets.
  • You may already have an account with Qudio if you participated in last year’s Film Festival. Please enter your email and password. You will be directed to a page with your previous events displayed. To see this year’s events click the dropdown menu in top left next to Qudio logo and choose “All Events”. Scroll through the events until you see Wild and Scenic Film Festival – Redding Tour and click it to choose. You will then be directed to the tickets.
  • Once you have made your ticket selection and submitted your payment, you will receive a ticket purchase confirmation email from Qudio.
  • The day before the event, Thursday April 22, 2021 you will receive an email with a link and an access code with viewing instructions from us. PLEASE KNOW: The Whole Earth and Watershed Festival and Shasta Living Streets will not share your information with anyone!
  • If you do not find our email in your in-box on Thursday – Please first check your SPAM folder. It’s probably there. Contact us if not.
  • Questions? Write, call or text our office
    Call/Text: 530.355.2230


For now, the COVID-19 pandemic has moved us to offer this important film festival as a virtual-live streamed event that also includes additional access to the films for 5 days afterwards!

The 3rd annual Virtual Wild and Scenic Film Festival – Redding Tour is a natural extension of the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival and Shasta Living Street’s work to inspire people to act on behalf of the environment ~ both locally and globally.

This year’s Film Festival will feature 10 inspiring films, ranging from 2 minuteS to 25 minutes.

The line-up includes “Born From Junk”, which highlights the birth of the mountain biking movement – the perfect film for biking lovers and “Trail Town” advocates!  You will also enjoy music from local singer-songwriter Jonathan Foster during the program.

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival – Redding Tour is a fundraising event for the development of Community Programming at the new Shasta Bike Depot opening in late 2021.  Your contributions today build programs to help everyone in our community embrace active living and adopt a car-lite lifestyle. Together we can build a healthier, happier community and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world!   

We hope that this year’s film selections will ignite your activism and create new partnerships for the work that lies ahead!

Check out some of the trailers


Are you ready for the Diestelhorst to Downtown high-quality city trail?

Join us to spread the excitement about what’s coming soon and let’s get it done!

Advancing our Trail Town
& Connecting our City

Are you ready for the Diestelhorst to Downtown high-quality city trail? After many years of waiting, the Diestelhorst to Downtown trail is coming this summer!

This trail connection for people biking and walking is part of the build-out of the Downtown Connector Loop Trail that is an essential part of Downtown revitalization, building a connected city, and realizing the civic pride of Redding as a Trail Town.

Vision for active living excellence and a prosperous community

When we build high-quality facilities and give a lot more people the resources, skills, and confidence they need to get around safely and conveniently walking and biking ~ then people discover the ease and joy of active living, and our community becomes healthier, happier, and more prosperous.

Why active living excellence matters: Benefits whether you use the trail yourself or not.

High quality city trails strengthen our local economy and make our region thrive. In the new competition between cities for talent and business, our region’s superior advantage can be lifestyle and active living.

High quality city trails build on our community interests and assets because active living is part of the essential character of the North State. Relaxed outdoor living is a part of the history and culture of the place we live.

High quality city trails reduce local cost-of-place by reducing cost of driving. This frees money for essentials and builds prosperity for families, young professionals and seniors. People in Shasta County now face exceptionally high cost of transportation since there is no other choice but to drive for every trip.

Creating protected, safe facilities for biking and walking ensures public safety because traffic deaths are not accidents. By designing our streets for safe movement by people walking and bicycling, we join other regions that are successfully ending the epidemic of traffic deaths and serious injuries of recent decades.

Creating connected bike networks and walkable neighborhoods accelerates the transition to a low carbon world. 40% or more of car trips are 3 miles or less, most people can ride a bike 3 miles in 20 minutes. Enabling people to make some trips walking or biking, reduces pollution from passenger vehicles that today contribute 1/3 of the emissions that cause climate change.

Keeping people out of traffic improves individual health, because barriers to movement create disease. Shasta County has unacceptably high rates of debilitating health outcomes directly related to inactivity.

Encouraging people to walk and bike in city neighborhoods creates civic engagement and empowers democracy. Because culturally rich communities are built with vibrant, people-friendly public spaces that embrace diversity.

High-quality, low-stress bike+walk facilities   

People walking and biking – also drive and ride in cars, so we all instinctively feel safe from traffic – or not. The safety and comfort for people walking and biking along city roadways is based on traffic adjacent: speed of car traffic, number of car lanes, number of cars on the roadway, breaks in safety level along the route.

People in Shasta County love the Sacramento River Trail and prefer to create networks of off street paths, sidewalks and protected bike lanes.

From the public engagement comments, Go Shasta Active Transportation Plan 2018.

It’s time – Let’s celebrate the Diestelhorst to Downtown!   

Connecting our City means creating connected networks of high-quality bikeways and walkable neighborhoods that connect people across the city and county – it’s what our community has said they want, over and over.

This is Redding’s first city trail with safe connection to the Sacramento River Trail – let’s show our support and celebrate over the next months!

To add your support and join in the campaign – Email Anne or call or text 530.355.2230.

Details of Construction & Improvements

Construction: March through July 2021

Through this project, the City of Redding will provide a safe and separate bike and pedestrian facility, connecting the Sacramento River Trail system to the Downtown Redding area.

Construction will occur at Center Street from Shasta Street to Riverside Drive, on Riverside Drive from Center Street to North Court Street, on North Court Street from Eleventh Street to the Diestelhorst Bridge and along Division Street.

Improvements include: a separated cycle track, off-street paths, enhanced crossings, completed sidewalk gaps, installation of ADA-compliant curb ramps, and completion of an asphalt concrete overlay. Additionally, micro-surfacing will be applied, corridor lighting will be installed and an existing water main and associated services will be replaced.

The majority of the work will be conducted between the hours of 7am and 7pm, Monday through Friday, for the duration of the project. During work hours, portions of the construction area may be subject to traffic control. Emergency Service vehicles will be allowed access unless otherwise noted.

The City of Redding asks all motorists to exercise caution when approaching these areas or avoid them altogether if possible.


Exploring The Downtown Connector Loop Trail

Downtown is now undergoing exciting changes to become a more walkable and bikeable business and entertainment district.
So imagine …

What if you had safe and convenient routes to easily walk, ride and roll into Downtown, the Sacramento River Trail, Turtle Bay, and a little further to Hilltop Avenue?

With this story-map we will help you explore a route with improvements coming soon. This story map describes the areas of interest, park amenities, and other points of interest.

Click the image below to get to the story map.

A linked set of improvements are coming soon. The goal is to create a low-stress biking and walking network that we’re calling the Downtown Connector Loop Trail.

Check out the story map and see just how valuable this Downtown Loop Trail is to residents, visitors, local businesses, and our regional economy.

The Diestelhorst to Downtown section is expected to be completed by City of Redding, Summer 2021.

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival goes virtual

Stunning Films, Great Stories, Gorgeous Cinematography: Designed to Inspire Us to Act on Behalf of Our Community and Our Planet

The Whole Earth and Watershed Festival and Shasta Living Streets are excited to be bringing to you VIRTUALLY this year:

The 2nd Annual
Wild & Scenic Film Festival – Redding Tour




We would have loved to have seen you in-person, but the COVID-19 pandemic has moved us to offer this important film festival as a virtual-live streamed event that also includes additional access to the films for 5 days afterwards!

The 2nd annual Virtual Wild and Scenic Film Festival – Redding Tour is a natural extension of the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival and Shasta Living Street’s work to inspire people to act on behalf of the environment ~ both locally and globally.

This year’s Film Festival will feature 14 inspiring films, ranging from 1 minute to 20 minutes. The line-up includes Hat Creek: A Wild Trout Legacy, a film highlighting the restoration of the trout fishery in Hat Creek. You will also enjoy music from our local record company, Miracle Mile Records, during the program!

We hope that this year’s film selections will ignite your activism and create new partnerships for the work that lies ahead!

Check out some of the trailers

Tickets are required for this virtual event.

By check? Yes!
Make your check payable to Shasta Living Streets and call to schedule a time to deliver it 530.355.2230. Shasta Living Streets, 1313 California Street, Redding, CA 96001.

More info & tickets online at this link below


Please choose what makes the most sense for you and your family.



DONATION: $30.00 or more

Thank You!

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival Redding Tour is a benefit for Shasta Living Streets and supports development of youth and family programs starting this year and developing further in the new Shasta Bike Depot opening next summer.

Read more about our work and the
upcoming Shasta Bike Depot in this article.

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival is grateful for the support
and commitment of these national sponsors
Peak Design
Klean Kanteen
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Miracle Mile Records
Trout Unlimited Shasta-Trinity-Cascades

text/call 530.355.2230

THE WILD & SCENIC FILM FESTIVAL is one of the largest environmental film festivals in the world and offers an incredible collection of films at their annual Festival held the third week of January in Nevada City, CA which is now in its 18th year! The Wild & Scenic Film Festival focuses on films which speak to the environmental concerns and celebrations of our planet.

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival was started by the watershed advocacy group, the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) in 2003. The festival’s namesake is in celebration of SYRCL’s landmark victory to receive “Wild & Scenic” status for 39 miles of the South Yuba River in 1999. The home festival kicks-off the international tour to communities around the globe – including Redding. California, allowing SYRCL to share their success as an environmental group with other organizations.