Shasta Living Streets

Founded in 2010, Shasta Living Streets provides programs and services to deliver on a vision of prosperity, livability and equity where more people have affordable, sustainable options for everyday travel.

The Shasta Bike Depot and Redding Bikeshare are operated by Shasta Living Streets.

Mobility Options, Our Theory of Change

Clean transportation and active living excellence builds better cities for everyone by bringing lower cost of living, connected communities, healthy lifestyles, and more joy. 

At Shasta Living Streets we imagine Downtown Redding as the center hub of a connected city and region. It’s a people-friendly, walkable, bikeable district with vibrant public places and smart-city amenities. We imagine cities and towns with emphasis on being outdoors on interconnected walking paths and bicycle networks with supportive amenities, transit that works, and community socializing fostered by trails and parks, and an ease for getting out and about. 

This is a cross between traditional small-town America
and a modern, progressive thinking city.

We believe when we give a lot more people the resources, skills and confidence they need to get around safely and conveniently walking and biking, people discover the ease and joy of active living. 

When we add high-quality facilities and experiences, more people are engaged, and our community becomes healthier, happier, and more prosperous.

This is why with the Shasta Bike Depot we have designed a full-service set of features for clean and active transportation commutes and tourism services, to provide amenities, create community, and empower people. 

Starting in Downtown Redding, the services and amenities will help build our trail town and create a connected city.

Challenges we face with no transportation choice   

In our region, the high cost and lack of transportation choice destabilizes families, leads to poor health, and drives talented young people and retired couples to seek another place to live and play. Leaving our families stressed, our businesses without the employees they need, and our children at risk.

Today Shasta County has unacceptably high rates of debilitating health outcomes directly related to inactivity, along with some of the highest levels in the U.S. of death and life-altering injuries from car collisions with people walking and biking.


Shasta Living Streets builds prosperous communities by creating better bikeways and trails, walkable cities and vibrant public places ~ where active living excellence brings a strong and secure economy and enables all people in our region to lead healthy and joyful lives.


Anne Wallach Thomas, founding Executive Director

Anne collaborates with creative people and diverse groups to deliver solutions for the well-being of people and nature. Shasta Bike Depot and Redding Bikeshare is a 10-year vision that involved engagement, planning and collaboration with local residents, leaders and organizations at the national, state and local levels. Previously, Anne  worked as a knowledge manager for The Nature Conservancy Global Climate Adaptation Program and spent five years with the Stupski Foundation to deliver equity-focused public education programs for large US urban school districts.

In her years working globally on climate adaptation analysis and strategies, she realized the urgent need for robust, connected, equitably focused active transportation, public transit, and sustainable development. Anne has a B.A. from UC Berkeley in Political Economy and is a native of Palo Cedro, CA.


  • Anne Wallach Thomas, Chair
  • Gerald Vogt, Secretary
  • Marc Cato, Treasurer