Help get improvements on Pine St & South Market Thurs Aug 19

What is a Walkable, Bikeable City
and how do we get one?

Considering:  Pine Street, S Market to Buenaventura, Buenaventura Intersection

You are invited:
Thursday, August 19th   4:00-6:00 p.m.

  • Please join us on Zoom:    
  • Or Toll Free Call:  (669)900-6833
  • Meeting ID:  826 4382 3035

Unable to attend? Send your thoughts our way, we will include them

Comments and thoughts about safety hazards, needs for walking, biking, traffic calming – we will make sure your comments are added.
Send to: Bryson Schreder

Why? This workshop: 

Brings outside expertise to Redding to review current conditions and speak with agency staff and  local business owners about their ideas and concerns specifically regarding the experience of people walking and biking to shop, work, live and play. Interdisciplinary teams will explore solutions for challenge areas.

Shares best practice and practical solutions to improve the experience of visitors, shoppers, employers, employees – people who visit, work, play, live,  and travel using State Route 273 in Downtown and Central Redding.

Improvement ideas will be discussed for Pine Street & South Market to Buenaventura

Engages public input and collective decision-making on ways to improve our city. People are  better able to provide input with an understanding of how alternatives serve their needs.

Provides written recommendations by state experts on public comments and features that can improve the walking and biking experience and reduce collisions and safety concerns for the people businesses want to attract. These can be  used as one more form of input to current design and planning processes.

Workshop Activities

  • Goals of the Community Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Training
  • 3 focus areas: Review of collision data & suggested improvements 
  • Safe System Approach, Strategies to improve safety
  • 3 focus areas: Interdisciplinary teams public comments & discussion
  • Group Report-out of ideas 

Thank you to the Planning Team 

California Walks, UC Berkeley SafeTREC, Shasta Living Streets, Caltrans District 2, City of Redding, Shasta Co Health & Human Services Agency

Workshop conducted by California Walks and UC Berkeley SafeTREC

The Safe Transportation Research and Education Center works to reduce transportation-related injuries and fatalities through research, education, outreach, and community service.

California Walks partners with state agencies, organizations and communities to establish and strengthen policies and practices that support pedestrian safety and healthy, walkable communities.

Previous Best Foot Forward workshops and public input in Redding/Shasta

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