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BCycle is Redding’s Bikeshare Vendor

Shasta Living Streets is excited to announce that BCycle has joined as our vendor-partner to provide electric bikes, docks, and technology for Downtown Redding’s Bikeshare to make moving around Downtown Redding as fun and convenient as possible for everyone. Built on more than a decade of experience, BCycle electric-assist bikes offer accessible, convenient, and safe biking for everyone.

In the past decade, community members, businesses, and local agencies have been planning and developing Downtown Redding to be a walkable and bikeable residential, commerce and entertainment district. Business and property owners, and the people who live, work and play in Downtown, are ready for a high-quality bikeshare system.

The launch date in spring of 2023, will provide a public biking system for people to access medical services, shopping; government agencies, parks, festivals, community events, and the Sacramento River Trail.

Bikeshare in Downtown is a clean mobility transportation. Identifying the mission, vision and purpose for the Shasta Bike Depot and Downtown Bikeshare is the work Anne Thomas and Shasta Living Streets.

Executive Director Thomas shares, “BCycle bikes and docking stations will deliver a safe, convenient, and easy to use bikeshare system for residents and business owners that we have hoped for in our community for years.”

BCycle was selected by Shasta Living Streets last spring through a competitive process. “We are thrilled that Shasta Living Streets, along with The McConnell Foundation and City of Redding, have selected BCycle to provide an e-bikeshare program in Redding,” said Brian Conger, of BCycle. “Redding is an ideal community for electric assist bike sharing. We’ve seen the positive impact of e-bikes in communities across the country and look forward to bringing the same benefits to Redding’s residents and visitors.”

Downtown Bikeshare is supported by a grant from the California Clean Mobility Options Program. “These statewide funds directly support disadvantaged communities, and communities of color, creating safe, clean, affordable transportation to get residents where they need to go,” California Air Resources Board Executive Officer Richard W. Corey said. “The Clean Mobility Options Program was designed to ensure that each project is developed to address a community’s own unique transportation issues – letting local community involvement identify sustainable transportation solutions.

Downtown e-Bikeshare brings tremendous advantages to our community – it allows families to be healthy and save money on transportation, makes more vibrant and connected communities, and supports local businesses by helping them attract customers and retain staff.

BCycle offers product quality and expertise to maximize our customer experience by providing an attractive, high quality bicycle fleet, docks and technology in high traffic areas which will encourage ridership, will be easily findable and to check-out, and will result in community pride.

We believe BCycle will be a vendor-partner that will help promote operational excellence and ensure that the Downtown Redding Bikeshare launch is successful,” added Thomas.

Biking must be easy, safe, and convenient for a majority of people to truly use a bike for transportation. What’s different with Electric Pedal-assist bikes? The pedal-assist makes a special difference in our spread-out and hilly region – by enabling people of all ages and abilities to ride comfortably and thus have a clean and active mobility option.

BCycle is the Best-Of-Class bicycle sharing company, a part of Trek Bicycles, headquartered in Wisconsin.    bcycle.com

Redding joins 47 other major cities in the U.S. with BCycle bikeshare, including Santa Barbara, Houston, and Philadelphia.

All-electric pedal-assist bike fleet. Redding is one of a smaller set of cities that will have an all-electric pedal-assist bike fleet.

A docked bikeshare system. Downtown Redding Bikeshare will have a docked bikeshare system. The docks provide a designated space to park bikes securely.

Redding leads the way. Redding will have the first of this type of all-electric, docked bikeshare system between the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland, Oregon.

Ebikes can replace many car trips if we help people have an easy, safe, convenient ride. Ebikes are used for daily life and can replace car trips. The average length of an ebike trip is 9 miles. Shasta County’s Long Range Transit Plan shows most car trips in Shasta County are 5 miles or less.

=== // ===

At Shasta Living Streets we imagine Downtown Redding as the center hub of a connected city. It’s a people-friendly, walkable, bikeable district with vibrant public places, and smart-city amenities.

We believe when we give a lot more people the resources, skills and confidence they need to get around safely and conveniently walking and biking, people discover the ease and joy of active living. When we add high-quality facilities and experiences, our community becomes healthier, happier, and more prosperous.

This is why we have designed a full-service set of features for active transportation commutes and tourism services, to provide amenities, create community, and empower people. Starting in Downtown, the services and amenities will help build our trail town and create a connected city.

To learn more contact

Anne Thomas, Shasta Living Streets, (530) 355-2230
Shannon Phillips, The McConnell Foundation, (530) 226-6231

Three Thursday Evenings in November. Join Us!

Get a sneak peak of the construction at the Shasta Bike Depot.

Learn about the programs and amenities that will be offered there.

Ask your questions, share your hopes & ideas, and learn how you can get involved!

Thursday November 3rd, 10th, and 17th

4:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Shasta Living Streets

1313 California Street, Redding, CA

Get Tickets Here

Redding eBikeshare, Shasta Bike Depot, the Bike Parking Station, eBike Tours, the REU eBike Voucher program, and more. Share your hopes and ideas. Ask your questions.

Downtown Redding with friends.

Shasta Living Streets is helping our community change the paradigm for sustainable living. Learn how you can be involved.


5:00 PM OPTIONAL SHASTA BIKE DEPOT TOUR (tickets required, attendance is limited) Bike Depot Tour Tickets available here.

6:00 PM BRIEF PRESENTATION AND DISCUSSION. No ticket is needed for this part of the evening, everyone is welcome. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas!

SNACKS, CARNEGIE’S TOMATO SOUP, GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES. Donations will be accepted. Take-out food may be brought in as well.

DRINKS Available for purchase: Mama Shari Kombucha, Etna Old Fashioned Root Beer, San Pellegrino sodas.

PLEASE NO SMOKING/NO VAPE We are a no smoking & no vape venue.

ARRIVE BY BIKE. Bike to the event, park your bike on site. Bring a lock.

ARRIVE BY CAR. There is ample free parking in Downtown Redding. Try out the new parking garage. Large parking lots directly adjacent: to the north, west, and south.

Questions about ticketing or this event, let us know:
530.355.2230 cwentworth@shastalivingstreets.org

We look forward to seeing you.

Shasta Bike Depot Moving Forward

What if a bike depot, a lively eatery, and an active courtyard space could become a downtown experience?

Shasta Bike Depot

 “When we give people the resources, skills and confidence they need to get around safely and conveniently by bike, they discover the ease and joy of bicycling. People in Redding and Shasta County aren’t just ready for this – they are excited about it,” Thomas said.

“The depot will be a visitor’s center for transit. It’s a ‘Start Here’ spot for biking and using trails in and around Redding and the North State,” shared Anne Thomas, who will manage the Shasta Bike Depot.

Located next to Redding’s downtown Transit Center, the depot will include a public bike parking garage, classes, community events, an e-bike charging station, guided e-bike tours, and e-bikeshare.

The vision of the depot is to offer amenities that create “comfort, convenience, and enjoyment, for the increasing number of people who choose to walk and bike to get where they want to go,” Thomas said. “This will be a place to find answers to questions, such as ‘Where do I ride?’ ‘What do I wear?’ ‘Where do I find people to ride with?’ ‘How do I put my bike on the bus?’”

“Programming the bike depot to complement the bike network improvements that the City of Redding, Caltrans and SRTA are undertaking is exciting. Imagine a family hopping on bikes near the Sundial Bridge, and easily getting to a downtown destination. Or a person who lives downtown being able to easily access the world-class Sacramento River Trail by bike,” said Rachel Hatch, Senior Program Officer for Community Vitality.  “Downtowns that thrive, are those that are bikeable and walkable.”

Bicycle tourism is an important economic driver for the future of Redding, contributing $83 billion to the US economy annually.  In addition, it’s a vital option for Redding residents to get around town.

Shasta Living Streets will operate and provide smart-city amenities and services for clean and active transportation, including:

  • Secure Bike Parking Garage, card-key entry managed
  • Downtown E-Bikeshare system
  • E-bike charging services
  • Support to City of REU’s E-bike rebate program
  • Encouragement events and activities
  • Safety education classes and workshops
  • Public Engagement
  • E-bike 101 educational tours
  • Youth education classes, internships, and events
  • Bike Valet services at events

Pipeline Craft Taps

Kevin Flynn, founding partner of Pipeline Craft Taps and Kitchen, a gastropub-style restaurant located in Mount Shasta, is the operator of Pipeline Redding in Bell Plaza. Kevin is active in the community and has served as a board member of the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce for a decade. Contributing to Kevin’s success is Mark Clure, his investor and Chief Acceleration Officer at Pipeline. Mark is a principal at Enso Wealth Management, and also serves on multiple regional community boards.

Recently married, Kevin and wife Myranda love food, wine, travel, spending time with family and everything outdoors. Mark and wife Robin value spending time with family and enjoying outdoor recreation.

“Mark and I both have family and friends in Redding. We saw the opportunity and potential for Bell Plaza immediately.  Pipeline Mt. Shasta enjoys a loyal Shasta County customer base.  We believe Siskiyou County residents will also be a loyal customer base in Redding,” shared Flynn. “If I closed my eyes and imagined being a part of Redding’s revitalization, Bell Plaza is the opportunity.”  

What is Kevin’s hope for Pipeline Redding?  “Happy customers.  I am committed to success, and to collaborating with Redding’s partners in hospitality.”

Quality of Life and Place as Economic Development and Downtown Vitality

Key components of community vitality overlap in this project. Active lifestyles, local foods, adaptive reuse, surrounded by small businesses, housing, arts and culture.”

The Foundation made a 10-year funding commitment to Community Vitality in 2017. This property was the Foundation’s first downtown acquisition and is its first “ground-up” downtown development. The courtyard will be bicycle and pet-friendly. This project is a nod to a piece of Redding’s history at the former Bell Rooms site, while creating a new community amenity.

McConnell selected Trilogy Architecture as the project designer, with its long-term presence and focus downtown. Modern Building Company is the general contractor. The company has several projects under construction in Redding, and has historic restoration experience in Chico and North Carolina.

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For more information contact 

Anne Thomas, Executive Director, Shasta Living Streets
(530) 355-2230

Kevin Flynn, Pipeline Craft Taps
(530) 949-5619

Shannon Phillips, COO, The McConnell Foundation
(530) 949-9460


The new Great Central Valley Bicycle route

Here’s something to look forward to in the New Year

The experience starts in Shasta County & Redding

The Great Central Valley Bicycle Route brings riders into the State capitol and county seats, numerous small towns along the river, sites of national, state and local historic importance, parks and natural areas, and a wide variety of agricultural landscapes.

Traveling at 12 miles per hour, along the full 650 mile route, a rider will experience 13 counties and over 34 diverse cities and towns.

CLICK HERE >>> Detailed route information using Ride With GPS

On the Great Central Valley Bicycle Route, stopping is as important as going

The trip’s the thing. Route planners have searched for travel that allows riders to see and experience what’s great about the Great Central Valley. Looking for high scenic and educational values and variety, including bucolic countryside, city centers, historic sites, the state capitol and county seats, state and regional parks, university campuses, farmers markets, rivers, beaches and other special places and natural features, etc.  We have tried to introduce riders to the many features that make the state, the Valley, and the localities unique. 

A comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for all riders is a priority.   Bicyclist safety, primarily related to vehicular traffic is a priority. Over 70 miles of the route follows high-quality paved trails enabling traffic-free travel along scenic river corridors, through natural areas and across urban areas. Most of the route follows public streets with bikeways, low volume country roads, quiet residential streets, and low speed pedestrian/bicycle-friendly downtown commercial areas. Only 12 miles of the route follows state highways.

The fastest, direct routes are not a priority. Routes may meander to touch a variety of landscapes and features.

This is a Great Central Valley-focused bicycling route. It’s not intended to travel into the Sierra foothills or coastal hills.

Send us your thoughts: Shasta Dam to Sacramento

Shasta Living Streets continues to work with the team to maintain and promote this route. We will gather input on the route location for the northern section, and work with the team to make adjustments.

Reach out with an email or call us at (530) 355-2230.

Sharing the vision and ongoing collaboration

Michael Smiley led the vision and worked with individuals and organizations across the state. The journey to create the route has been a long one, over three years, with input from over 70 individuals, bicycle organizations and public agencies throughout the length of the Valley.

When riding through, please reach out to share your experiences and thank these folks

These are the people instrumental in making the Great Central Valley Bicycle Route the great ride that it is.

  • Debra Banks, Executive Director, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates
  • Roberto Brady, Tulare Co Association of Governments
  • Craig Erickson, Chico
  • Zach Griffin, Bakersfield
  • Tom Hotham, Education / Outreach, Merced Bicycle Coalition
  • Anthony Molina, Chair, Fresno County Bicycle Coalition
  • John Pearson, Executive Director, Chico Velo
  • Jeff Pell, Routes Director, Bike Lodi
  • Tina Sumner, Advocacy Coordinator, Fresno Cycling Club
  • Anne Thomas, Executive Director, Shasta Living Streets, Redding
  • Mark Wall, Advocacy Director, Southern Sierra Cyclists, Visalia
  • Brian Zahra, Fun Sport Bikes, Modesto

Our priorities for route choice

  • The most comfortable, safest route possible. Stress levels 1 & 2.
  • The best route possible that can be used today.  As safer and more attractive bicycle facilities are improved, the route will be realigned .
  • All paved.  Minimize unpaved segments.  No single track.
  • Rail and transit stations on-route or by spur route
  • Food and beverage closely-spaced along the way
  • Support services.  Bicycle repair, general retail.
  • Overnight accommodations for 40-60-mile riding days
  • Minimize steep grades over 5-6%

California’s Great Central Valley

California’s Central Valley is a large, flat valley that dominates the geographical center of the U.S. state of California. It is 40 to 60 miles wide and stretches approximately 450 miles from north-northwest to south-southeast, inland from and parallel to the Pacific Ocean coast. It covers approximately 18,000 square miles, about 11% of California’s total land area, or about the size of Denmark.

Bounded by the Sierra Nevada to the east and the Coast Ranges to the west, it is California’s single most productive agricultural region and one of the most productive in the world, providing more than half of the fruits, vegetables and nuts grown in the United States.

2,000+ People Celebrate safe, Protected walk & Bikeways

What a great celebration for a protected walk and bikeway that helps create a Connected City and advances our Trail Town

“AMAZING!!!!!”   “I had no idea we had so many cycling fans!”  “Our city needs more events like this.”  Yes.  Our community supports active living excellence in a big way! 

Protected bikeways give people the safe space they need to ride a bike where they want to go.  

On a hot July Thursday night, when half of Redding/Shasta was on vacation…. more than 2,000 people attended to check it out and to walk, ride, roll on the new trail and celebrate this milestone achievement together.  This is the safe, connected route people have wanted for so long.  

It was like Copenhagen at rush hour!

Thank you to everyone who contributed, volunteered, and celebrated! 

Thank you to major donors who contributed to help get the party started:  Dignity Health, Redding Rancheria, and K2 Development Company.   

Thank you to the hard-working planning team:  City of Redding Community Services and Communication team, Shasta Living Streets staff and Many! Volunteer! Heroes!, Shasta Regional Transportation Agency, CaltransD2, Shasta Co Health and Human Services Agency, Viva Downtown, and Chain Gang.

Report: Downtown Redding Streets: Safety & Community Input

Informing Planning for Multi-Modal Infrastructure

Last summer Shasta Living Streets partnered with California Walks & UC Berkeley SafeTREC to conduct activities for a Community Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Training Program – reviewing data and community thoughts about Pine Street, California Street, and South Market Street – Caltrans HWY 273.

The intention for this effort was to gather data and community feedback to inform planning and infrastructure improvements to serve people and businesses in the area. 

Thank you! to the planning team: California Walks, UC Berkeley SafeTREC, Shasta Living Streets, Caltrans District 2 Complete Streets and Livable Communities, City of Redding Planning Department, Shasta Co Health & Human Services Agency

Download the Report

What is a Walkable, Bikeable City
and how do we get one?

Considering:  Pine Street, S Market to Buenaventura, Buenaventura Intersection

Why this workshop 

Brings outside expertise to Redding to review current conditions and speak with agency staff and  local business owners about their ideas and concerns specifically regarding the experience of people walking and biking to shop, work, live and play. Interdisciplinary teams explored solutions for challenge areas.

Shares best practice and practical solutions to improve the experience of visitors, shoppers, employers, employees – people who visit, work, play, live,  and travel using State Route 273 in Downtown and Central Redding.

Engages public input and collective decision-making on ways to improve our city. People are  better able to provide input with an understanding of how alternatives serve their needs.

Provides written recommendations by state experts on public comments and features that can improve the walking and biking experience and reduce collisions and safety concerns for the people businesses want to attract. These can be  used as one more form of input to current design and planning processes.

Workshop conducted by California Walks and UC Berkeley SafeTREC

The Safe Transportation Research and Education Center works to reduce transportation-related injuries and fatalities through research, education, outreach, and community service.

California Walks partners with state agencies, organizations and communities to establish and strengthen policies and practices that support pedestrian safety and healthy, walkable communities.

Previous Best Foot Forward workshops
by Shasta Living Streets, California Walks, and UC Berkeley SafeTREC

e-Cargo Bike Winner!

We are excited to announce the winner of the Yuba Spicy Curry e-cargo bike is Redding resident Jenn Pollom!
Congratulations Jenn!!

Thank you Redding Electric Utility and Yuba Bicycles. We are very happy to work with these sponsors to help another local family enjoy clean, active transportation with an e-cargo bike!

Cargo bikes >> bikes that carry more!

Yes, we know there are many broken hearts. ♥️ We understand. We want every family to have an e-cargo bike to replace one of your cars!

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who purchased film festival and raffle tickets – your contributions help us bring programs and services to make Redding and Shasta County a better place to bike for everyone. We have more programs in the works to bring ebikes and clean and active transportation options to residents and visitors in Redding and Shasta County.