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Are you ready for the Diestelhorst to Downtown high-quality city trail?

Join us to spread the excitement about what’s coming soon and let’s get it done!

Advancing our Trail Town
& Connecting our City

Are you ready for the Diestelhorst to Downtown high-quality city trail? After many years of waiting, the Diestelhorst to Downtown trail is coming this summer!

This trail connection for people biking and walking is part of the build-out of the Downtown Connector Loop Trail that is an essential part of Downtown revitalization, building a connected city, and realizing the civic pride of Redding as a Trail Town.

Vision for active living excellence and a prosperous community

When we build high-quality facilities and give a lot more people the resources, skills, and confidence they need to get around safely and conveniently walking and biking ~ then people discover the ease and joy of active living, and our community becomes healthier, happier, and more prosperous.

Why active living excellence matters: Benefits whether you use the trail yourself or not.

High quality city trails strengthen our local economy and make our region thrive. In the new competition between cities for talent and business, our region’s superior advantage can be lifestyle and active living.

High quality city trails build on our community interests and assets because active living is part of the essential character of the North State. Relaxed outdoor living is a part of the history and culture of the place we live.

High quality city trails reduce local cost-of-place by reducing cost of driving. This frees money for essentials and builds prosperity for families, young professionals and seniors. People in Shasta County now face exceptionally high cost of transportation since there is no other choice but to drive for every trip.

Creating protected, safe facilities for biking and walking ensures public safety because traffic deaths are not accidents. By designing our streets for safe movement by people walking and bicycling, we join other regions that are successfully ending the epidemic of traffic deaths and serious injuries of recent decades.

Creating connected bike networks and walkable neighborhoods accelerates the transition to a low carbon world. 40% or more of car trips are 3 miles or less, most people can ride a bike 3 miles in 20 minutes. Enabling people to make some trips walking or biking, reduces pollution from passenger vehicles that today contribute 1/3 of the emissions that cause climate change.

Keeping people out of traffic improves individual health, because barriers to movement create disease. Shasta County has unacceptably high rates of debilitating health outcomes directly related to inactivity.

Encouraging people to walk and bike in city neighborhoods creates civic engagement and empowers democracy. Because culturally rich communities are built with vibrant, people-friendly public spaces that embrace diversity.

High-quality, low-stress bike+walk facilities   

People walking and biking – also drive and ride in cars, so we all instinctively feel safe from traffic – or not. The safety and comfort for people walking and biking along city roadways is based on traffic adjacent: speed of car traffic, number of car lanes, number of cars on the roadway, breaks in safety level along the route.

People in Shasta County love the Sacramento River Trail and prefer to create networks of off street paths, sidewalks and protected bike lanes.

From the public engagement comments, Go Shasta Active Transportation Plan 2018.

It’s time – Let’s celebrate the Diestelhorst to Downtown!   

Connecting our City means creating connected networks of high-quality bikeways and walkable neighborhoods that connect people across the city and county – it’s what our community has said they want, over and over.

This is Redding’s first city trail with safe connection to the Sacramento River Trail – let’s show our support and celebrate over the next months!

To add your support and join in the campaign – Email Anne or call or text 530.355.2230.

Details of Construction & Improvements

Construction: March through July 2021

Through this project, the City of Redding will provide a safe and separate bike and pedestrian facility, connecting the Sacramento River Trail system to the Downtown Redding area.

Construction will occur at Center Street from Shasta Street to Riverside Drive, on Riverside Drive from Center Street to North Court Street, on North Court Street from Eleventh Street to the Diestelhorst Bridge and along Division Street.

Improvements include: a separated cycle track, off-street paths, enhanced crossings, completed sidewalk gaps, installation of ADA-compliant curb ramps, and completion of an asphalt concrete overlay. Additionally, micro-surfacing will be applied, corridor lighting will be installed and an existing water main and associated services will be replaced.

The majority of the work will be conducted between the hours of 7am and 7pm, Monday through Friday, for the duration of the project. During work hours, portions of the construction area may be subject to traffic control. Emergency Service vehicles will be allowed access unless otherwise noted.

The City of Redding asks all motorists to exercise caution when approaching these areas or avoid them altogether if possible.


Exploring The Downtown Connector Loop Trail

Downtown is now undergoing exciting changes to become a more walkable and bikeable business and entertainment district.
So imagine …

What if you had safe and convenient routes to easily walk, ride and roll into Downtown, the Sacramento River Trail, Turtle Bay, and a little further to Hilltop Avenue?

With this story-map we will help you explore a route with improvements coming soon. This story map describes the areas of interest, park amenities, and other points of interest.

Click the image below to get to the story map.

A linked set of improvements are coming soon. The goal is to create a low-stress biking and walking network that we’re calling the Downtown Connector Loop Trail.

Check out the story map and see just how valuable this Downtown Loop Trail is to residents, visitors, local businesses, and our regional economy.

The Diestelhorst to Downtown section is expected to be completed by City of Redding, Summer 2021.

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival goes virtual

Stunning Films, Great Stories, Gorgeous Cinematography: Designed to Inspire Us to Act on Behalf of Our Community and Our Planet

The Whole Earth and Watershed Festival and Shasta Living Streets are excited to be bringing to you VIRTUALLY this year:

The 2nd Annual
Wild & Scenic Film Festival – Redding Tour




We would have loved to have seen you in-person, but the COVID-19 pandemic has moved us to offer this important film festival as a virtual-live streamed event that also includes additional access to the films for 5 days afterwards!

The 2nd annual Virtual Wild and Scenic Film Festival – Redding Tour is a natural extension of the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival and Shasta Living Street’s work to inspire people to act on behalf of the environment ~ both locally and globally.

This year’s Film Festival will feature 14 inspiring films, ranging from 1 minute to 20 minutes. The line-up includes Hat Creek: A Wild Trout Legacy, a film highlighting the restoration of the trout fishery in Hat Creek. You will also enjoy music from our local record company, Miracle Mile Records, during the program!

We hope that this year’s film selections will ignite your activism and create new partnerships for the work that lies ahead!

Check out some of the trailers

Tickets are required for this virtual event.

By check? Yes!
Make your check payable to Shasta Living Streets and call to schedule a time to deliver it 530.355.2230. Shasta Living Streets, 1313 California Street, Redding, CA 96001.

More info & tickets online at this link below


Please choose what makes the most sense for you and your family.



DONATION: $30.00 or more

Thank You!

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival Redding Tour is a benefit for Shasta Living Streets and supports development of youth and family programs starting this year and developing further in the new Shasta Bike Depot opening next summer.

Read more about our work and the
upcoming Shasta Bike Depot in this article.

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival is grateful for the support
and commitment of these national sponsors
Peak Design
Klean Kanteen
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Miracle Mile Records
Trout Unlimited Shasta-Trinity-Cascades

text/call 530.355.2230

THE WILD & SCENIC FILM FESTIVAL is one of the largest environmental film festivals in the world and offers an incredible collection of films at their annual Festival held the third week of January in Nevada City, CA which is now in its 18th year! The Wild & Scenic Film Festival focuses on films which speak to the environmental concerns and celebrations of our planet.

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival was started by the watershed advocacy group, the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) in 2003. The festival’s namesake is in celebration of SYRCL’s landmark victory to receive “Wild & Scenic” status for 39 miles of the South Yuba River in 1999. The home festival kicks-off the international tour to communities around the globe – including Redding. California, allowing SYRCL to share their success as an environmental group with other organizations.

Watch Motherload Movie. Cargo bikes – less car, more life!

An uplifting documentary for everyone

We are hard-wired to move. And to connect. Not only with nature, but with each other. A movie you will enjoy whether you bike or not.

Watch the movie here!

Miss our event? If you didn’t have a chance to see the community screening in May – no problem. Motherload movie is now available on demand, on vimeo.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MOTHERLOAD-Press-Kit_Page_18-1.png

bike life
less car more bike
less car more money
more bike better health
more bike more life
more bike more joy

Let us know what you think!

text/call 530.355.2230

When A Real Bike/Walk Network Gets Built – REAL CHANGE

Research Review & Lessons Learned

In August 2005, Congress conducted an experiment with bicycling and walking. This was an experiment in which $100 million was allocated to build non-motorized infrastructure in four American cities. The purpose of the experiment was to investigate the impact of significant investments in bicycling and walking infrastructure such as sidewalks, bicycle facilities, crosswalks, etc.

Does it work to fund safe, low-stress
biking and walking infrastructure?

Walking increased by 22%

Bicycling increased by 49%

Primarily for utilitarian trips

Car traffic reduced by 3% – permanently

Recreation and exercise also increased

This happened in 3 years

From 2006 through 2009, over $25 million was provided annually to each of four pilot communities. Each community used its money to implement local strategies to increase the use of non-motorized transportation.

  • Columbia, Missouri
  • Marin County, California
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

In 2007, and again in 2010 after many of the facilities had been constructed, the number of bicyclists and pedestrians at key locations were counted. These counts revealed that walking had increased by 22 percent and bicycling had increased by 49 percent. Surveys of the walkers and bicyclists indicated that the increase in bicycling and walking was attributable primarily to utilitarian trips, although recreational and exercise activity also increased.

The findings of this experiment estimated that the number of driving trips were reduced by 3 percent. That may not sound like a lot but because driving is such a huge part of our transportation picture, that 3% can mean big changes. Between 2007 and 2010, that small drop resulted in 1.67 million gallons of gasoline not being burned and more than 31 million pounds of carbon dioxide not generated by those trips. And because this infrastructure is permanent, those savings continue being reaped long into the future.

Unfortunately, this experiment was not able to build everything needed for a complete active transportation network in each community. With this momentum, these communities continue to build-out their networks today.

This research shows what can happen when a real bicycling and walking network starts to be realized.

Michael Williams Transportation Consultant
and Shasta Living Streets Advisory Group Member @bikepedx

Image and example Boulder Low-Stress Walk and Bike Network Plan

Slow Street Lawn Signs to Help Make Your Neighborhood Safer

Today more than ever, people want to be out enjoying their neighborhood. Walking, biking, rolling, playing. We live in a beautiful place. We want to enjoy our yards, wave to neighbors, watch the sunset.

At the same time – fewer people are driving, but driving faster. And we are all more distracted when we drive.

It’s time for a reminder – we love our neighborhood.
Let’s Slow Down.

Why this matters
Speed is the single most important factor in determining the outcome of a collision.

People sense this danger to themselves and their children. If cars pass by the house moving too fast – parents won’t let their kids play outside, and people of all ages are discouraged from walking or biking.

You asked – We made signs!
Locally designed. Friendly reminders.
Lawn signs for your home.

Help make your neighborhood safer and support better bikeways and
walkable cities in Redding and Shasta County. You can order a sign of your choice at the link below.

Learn More
Slow Streets are being implemented quickly in cities and towns across the United States

Learn More about the Movement, here:

Why this matters
Slow Neighborhood Streets benefit everyone and make our city a better place to live.

MOTHERLOAD Movie & Virtual Event May 22. Cargo bikes: Less Car, More bike, More life!

1 – An Uplifting Documentary

We are hard-wired to move. And to connect. Not only with nature, but with each other. A movie you will enjoy whether you bike or not.

2 – A Post-Film Online Q&A Community Get-Together

  • Director Liz Canning
  • Eric Brohaugh, our friend , cargo bike builder extraordinaire, featured in the film, lives in Redding.
  • Bring your questions and join the conversation

3 – A Way to Support Better Biking in Our Community

Proceeds support our work as well as cover costs to show the film. Shasta Living Streets is ten years old this year! Our success is made possible by people like you. Thank you!

FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2020


w link, you can watch anytime on May 22


LOCATION: Your house


Reviewed in Outside Magazine

$10 at the link below

bike life
less car more bike
less car more money
more bike better health
more bike more life
more bike more joy


text/call 530.355.2230

Want a new lawn sign for calm neighborhood streets?

We’re making new lawn signs.  Our signs will be designed and printed locally.  This is one simple way to help support our community in this extraordinary time.

Designs underway.  We will have a few for you to choose from. With colorful, friendly graphics.  Not too big, so they withstand the wind.  Messages like these:

Please Drive Slowly, Children at Play
Please Drive Slowly, Children – Adults – Grandparents at Play!
20 is Plenty

Walking, biking, and rolling – for everyone now, getting out in our neighborhoods is more important than ever.  People need to get out daily, ride and take walks solo and with  their families.  Kids at home need to get outside.  You may have noticed more people walking, biking, skating, rolling.

We are all distracted and it’s good to remember to take care when driving through neighborhoods.  These signs will give a reminder to everyone to check your driving speed around homes and yards.

Are you interested in a lawn sign for your yard?
Please let us know your preference

Or contact Anne at

We’ve made a number of signs over the years . . . maybe you remember a few of these

little riders


signs 4

signs 6




Resources & Updates for getting around Downtown

In the past three years our agencies and local community organizations have come together like never before to revitalize Downtown Redding and this region. The scope of new city and regional plans and projects is transformational, including two of the state’s largest Sustainable Community grants with coordinated transportation improvements and mixed-use housing and retail.  Updates: Downtown Redevelopment Projects

Creating streets that work better for people ~
Cities that are making these kind of investments and changes, are the cities that are growing and thriving in this century.
– Janette Sadik-Khan

Our region is poised to be a model for smart growth and transit and trail-oriented development for non-coastal cities in California, if we continue to move forward and shape our future to benefit families and businesses with walkable neighborhoods connected by low-stress bikeways and transit.

Years of planning and public input led to the projects underway now – to build a vibrant, walkable, bikeable Downtown Redding and a connected city.  Plans include:

2016 Downtown Transportation Plan

2018 City of Redding Downtown Specific Plan Update

2018 City of Redding Active Transportation Plan

Downtown Redevelopment Project Updates



Downtown Area Shuttle – The Dash!


the dashFast. Free. Reliable.  Bringing people into the city’s center from outlying parking lots.

Schedule TBA




Walkways are open and protected during construction.







Ride Downtown! Secure Bike Parking, Route Coaching, Riding Partners

Note:  In response to the public health crisis, our employees are working from home and the Depot and offices are closed for now. 
Shasta Living Streets:  Secure bike parking, bike station, bike theft prevention, Redding Bike Share, Education for safety and access, Encouragement events, Community building, public outreach, Tourism services, bike tours.

2-1Shasta Bike Depot
1313 California Street
530.355.2230 email us

#TBIF Try Biking, it’ Friday!



Shasta Bike Depot – soon

New building as early as May 2021
Bell Plaza: California & Shasta Streets

More about the Bike Depot


RABA Cross-Town Express

RABA redding.com_bigger
12 min bus route / 3 stops
Downtown – Turtle Bay –  Mall

On-Demand Transit – Sunday Connect

This is a pilot program.  Like it? – Use it!
Sunday_Transit_Launch_AnnouncementIt’s Free! On-demand by phone/ web / app.

Comes directly to your starting address.  Takes you to your destination.
Check the link for current schedule.

In the service area 6:30 AM – 7:30 PM. Every Sunday.  (530) 226-3075


Dockless electric scooters.
6AM – 11PM
Park in areas shown in map.



Skateboards, ride gear

Visit Boardmart in Downtown Redding
1261 Market Street  530.243.2323



Average walking distance downtown after parking is 300-600 feet, similar to the walk from  parking lots at Costco, Target or the Redding Civic Auditorium.

During the construction period over the next few years, downtown parking availability will vary.  City of Redding is proactively exploring parking resources to ensure convenient parking for all.
Downtown Redding Parking Strategy

Short Term Parking

Available in the Alley

Your voice makes a difference  

Questions?  Feedback?  530.355.2230  or send us an email

Come See Us on Fridays!

Please Note:  We encourage you to ride solo and with your family as much as possible in April and May.

Our staff is working remotely from home – if there is anyway we can offer route coaching or ideas for bike rides, please do contact us at 530.355.2230.

We look forward to being able to offer in-person services again soon.

—- // —- // —-

We hear from lots of people who want to try biking downtown for work or play, but don’t know where to safely park their bike, or are uneasy about what is the safest route.

#TBIF  Services include:

  • Park your bike safely here  Secure bike parking.  7:30AM – 10:00PM
  • ebike charging station
  • Freedom From Training Wheels  Family play dates/learn to ride.  We have bikes for the littlest riders to learn.  Or bring your own.
  • Route coaching, riding partners  Thinking about riding downtown for work or play?  Uneasy about what route to take and just how to do it?  Let us help with your first commutes downtown.
  • Information about transit options  Including the Dash (new downtown shuttle), RABA Downtown Express

Over the next year we will be prototyping services, activities and networking events to assist people with their biking and walking commutes and develop our trail tourism services.
We look forward to your ideas and input!

Shasta Bike Depot
1313 California Street, Downtown Redding

Call 530.355.2230