Open Streets

What are Open Streets? 

Open streets initiatives temporarily close streets to automobile so that people may use them for any activity but driving—walking, jogging, bicycling, dancing and just about any other physical activity. Today, there are more than 80 open streets initiatives in the United States and Canada.

People traffic replaces car traffic, and the streets become ‘paved parks’ where people of all ages, abilities, and social, economic, or ethnic backgrounds can come out and improve their mental, physical, and emotional health.   – Gil Peñalosa, Executive Director of 8-80 Cities

Many North American open streets organizers draw inspiration from Central and South American cities, where such initiatives are often called “ciclovía.” The term, which translates to “bike path,” was coined in Bogotá, Colombia when the city rolled out its now famed Ciclovía in 1974.

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Redding’s Open Street Program on Park Marina Drive – Family Bicycling Day!

Reasons Why This Program Supports Our Community Values:   Uses Already Existing Resources * Supports Our Favorite Pursuit – Getting Outside! * Encourages Family Fun and Builds Community * Promotes Safe Physical Activity For All * Supports our Local Business * Adds to Our Collection of World Class Biking and Outdoor Activities * Adds to Momentum for Complete Streets.   Download the pdf file:  reasonswhy.pdf 

2011 was the year of Redding’s first ciclovia.   On the eve of that event, organizers received a congratulatory email message from renowned open streets advocate Gil Peñalosa, who championed car-free Sundays as former parks commissioner in Bogota, Colombia, where the ciclovia movement began in the 1970s.

We’re awesome!!  This event is in its fourth year now.  At the start, Redding’s cyclovia was the first in California outside of the metro Bay Area & Los Angeles ~  We are included in this overview of the 80 open streets initiatives across the country, with examples and best practices.  Download the report. 

Read more about this event:  Shasta Living Streets supports community values and health,  published in the  American Trails magazine, 2011.

Flyer for Family Bicycling Day 2013:  OnePageFamilyBikingDay2013