Come See Us on Fridays!

Please Note:  We encourage you to ride solo and with your family as much as possible in April and May.

Our staff is working remotely from home – if there is anyway we can offer route coaching or ideas for bike rides, please do contact us at 530.355.2230.

We look forward to being able to offer in-person services again soon.

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We hear from lots of people who want to try biking downtown for work or play, but don’t know where to safely park their bike, or are uneasy about what is the safest route.

#TBIF  Services include:

  • Park your bike safely here  Secure bike parking.  7:30AM – 10:00PM
  • ebike charging station
  • Freedom From Training Wheels  Family play dates/learn to ride.  We have bikes for the littlest riders to learn.  Or bring your own.
  • Route coaching, riding partners  Thinking about riding downtown for work or play?  Uneasy about what route to take and just how to do it?  Let us help with your first commutes downtown.
  • Information about transit options  Including the Dash (new downtown shuttle), RABA Downtown Express

Over the next year we will be prototyping services, activities and networking events to assist people with their biking and walking commutes and develop our trail tourism services.
We look forward to your ideas and input!

Shasta Bike Depot
1313 California Street, Downtown Redding

Call 530.355.2230


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