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Three Feet to Save Lives

Why is this a Big Deal?

When drivers give bicyclists more space as they pass, a leading cause of deadly collisions is minimized and more people feel comfortable about choosing to ride their bikes, which in turn promotes a more livable and economically viable community for us all.

Passing-from-behind collisions kill more adult bicyclists than any other cause in California and in the US.

The law now requires motorists to give at least three feet of clearance when passing a bike in the same lane.  If not enough space is available, the motorist must slow down and pass when no danger is present to the bicyclist.  This is one step taken to end the epidemic of preventable deaths by car on bicycle crashes.



The three foot law goes into effect in California September 16th, 2014.

A person traveling by bicycle on a street is vulnerable.   Similarly, road construction crews are vulnerable.   As are pedestrians - nearly 4,300 people died when hit by cars in 2010, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data.

Smile and Move Over

What you can do:  Pass people on bicycles safely when you drive, giving at least a three foot buffer zone between your car and a person on a bicycle.

Help your friends and family understand that by doing so they help prevent crashes that kill more adult bicyclists than any other cause in California and the US.

More information and links at the bottom of this page.




Better Bikeways and Walkable Cities

Bicycling is growing as more people discover the joys and convenience of bicycling.   Businesses want more people to walk and bicycle because more foot traffic means more spending and social energy in local business districts.  People want to  walk or bicycle more in their daily lives to reduce transportation costs, stay healthy, and have more active lifestyles.

At the same time too many people are still hurt or killed while bicycling.   The average person  will not join those of us who already bicycle and walk unless we overhaul our streets with safe streets and bikeways that connect our destinations and protect us from speeding car traffic.   

better bikeways2

    See all the people in our community standing-    up and smiling big in order to support Better Bikeways and Walkable Cities, visit our Instagram.

 Read the blog post on Walkable Cities:  Here



Support.  Shasta Living Streets is working to share the broad support by individuals, families and businesses in our community for Better Bikeways and more Walkable Cities.  Funding.  We are helping local agencies secure more funding for implementation of changes on the streets and development of greenways and trails.   Best Practice.  We are sharing information and facilitating conversation about best practice and innovations in street and neighborhood design so we can all better support improvements.      Better Design.   We are working to help local agencies and cities plan for improved local standards and street design that meets the needs of individuals, families and businesses in our community.


Become a Member of Shasta Living Streets.  Build the movement for excellence and active living in our community.   It’s easy:  Here

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Bike To Happy Hour For A Bike Commute Festival

Do you sometimes enjoy biking to work?  Thinking about it but need some encouragement?

Join us for Happy Hour and the Bike Commute Festival on Friday. Please join us whether you ride on this day or not ….  Come meet people who ride locally and swap ideas, tips and stories.  Learn about programs and how you can get involved in the movement to create better bikeways and walkable cities and towns in our region.

THANK YOU to our sponsors - Realtor, Rick PhillipsCarnegie’s, and Redding Distributing Company.


And enjoy Shasta Living Streets Better Bikeway Brew, a blond ale from Deschutes Brewery!


Our beer celebrates the Better Bikeways Campaign for Shasta County.  Photos available on Instagram:  Better Bikeways Photos

Then – Later that evening, head over to the  Bike-In Movie in the Downtown Promenade.  At about 8:30pm.    More information:  FREE Bike-in Movie Night

Klunkerz: A Film About Mountain Bikes – documents mountain bike history during its formative years in Northern California and examines the relationships of the Marin County teens, athletes, and entrepreneurs who were directly responsible for popularizing off-road cycling. The film includes many interviews with those present during the embryonic stages of the sport, including Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly, Joe Breeze, Tom Ritchey, Mike Sinyard, and Otis Guy, and covers “the treacherous old Repack races.”

The film was written, produced, and directed by independent California filmmaker Billy Savage and released on October 8, 2006.

movie trailer


Wear your ten gallon hat and ride your zero gallon bike! We ride too!

Extroverts welcome.   

Join friends from Shasta Living Streets and The Shasta Wheelman as we ride in the parade to help our community understand that we ride too!   Help spread the word about people on bicycles in our community and enjoy the beautiful day and riding in the parade – it’s really fun!

Yep, We ride too!  

Jack as DodgeCarr

Saturday, May 17th, 2014.  Meet on California Street between Shasta and Eureka Way at 8:30 am.

We are Parade # 126, Staging 09.

bull on a bike


More information about the parade:  Parade Map,  Asphalt Cowboys


Downtown Can Save America

What makes towns and cities thrive:  walkability.

People in the Parkview and Garden tract neighborhoods can walk to downtown Redding in 15 minutes, but today they rarely do.   The River Trail hosts many tourists looking for a place to eat lunch, but they have a hard time getting to local restaurants ten minutes away.

People in our community regularly report they want to walk or ride a bicycle to local destinations but they do not feel safe because of traffic.   Why is that?   And what can we do about it?

What is a walkable, bicycle-friendly downtown – and how do we get one?

We are asking that question, sharing methods and examples about how towns can and do change, and hosting conversations across the community to build understanding and develop ideas about how to support improvements in our community.

Would you like to join one of our discussions?

Contact Anne at to plan a  time to talk with your group.


Walkable City:  How Downtown Can Save America One Step at A Time.  by Jeff Speck.

Jeff Speck is an urban planner who has dedicated his career to determining what makes cities thrive.  And he has boiled it down to one key factor:  walkability.    His book does not describe a new approach, rather it is a readable overview of what has been known for over thirty years.   What’s needed is:  understanding, decision-making, and action to put good ideas into place.



Women on Bicycles: Rich Local History, Exciting Future

The North State has a rich local history of cycling that starts in the 1880s and continues until today.

Research and photos from the turn of the century and since are being collected, curated and written about by Shasta Living Streets volunteers, in  a collaborative effort with the Shasta Historical Society, the Shasta Wheelman and local bicycling shops.

Learn about North State Cycling History

  • Visit the ongoing exhibit of cycling history at the Historical Society offices in the downtown Redding Promenade.
  • Request a presentation for your local group by Shasta Living Streets.   Learn about the past – and the exciting future of cycling in our area and how you can get involved.



Add your voice, work together virtually, minimize meetings and maximize impact

Volunteer with Shasta Living Streets


You have energy, expertise, a desire to learn more and contribute to your community in a real and meaningful way.

We have a strong, local organization with a great reputation and an ever-growing list of opportunities to make a difference in this community.  We have a group of talented people who contribute time and expertise to provide tangible products, services and events.


We need your help.   We are already making a difference – but the opportunity is great.  Let us help you find a way to connect to this movement.   Our goal is to have powerful impact with what we do – and have fun while we do it.

Upcoming opportunities include:

    • Be a part of the hackathon to develop and launch our new website
    • Join the team putting together our first BIKE WALK SHASTA COMMUTER GUIDE
    • Help us gather sponsorships for the next Cascade Theatre event
    • and more!


Contact us today to find out how your skills and expertise can make a difference.  Volunteer a little of your time:  add your voice, work together virtually, minimize meetings and maximize impact.

Thank you!


Anne Wallach Thomas

I look forward to talking with you.  Contact me at


Shasta Living Streets is evolving to function as the grassroots backbone support organization to facilitate collective impact by a number of individuals and groups in our community who want to see our region become a more livable place.  It’s about business, families and health.  And brings more joy to everyone’s lives.




Join Shasta Living Streets—Become A Member Today

We are pleased to invite you to help us build Shasta County’s active living excellence.    By becoming a member of Shasta Living Streets you’re investing in building Better Bikeways, Trails and Walkable Cities in Shasta County.    Be a voice for excellence.

We have challenges.  Our community needs a strong, civic partner to help get our community to say “YES” to important projects that make a difference in daily lives for everyone.

We hear too many things like, “I want to get out more with my kids but the streets are not safe for us”; “For some reason the city had things lined up, and then it just didn’t happen”;  “The county had the money for that project, and then returned it”;  “Too late now, those goals and ideas needed to be included in the project from the beginning”;  or “I vote ‘No,’ only 200 cyclists will benefit from connecting the river trail to downtown.

More than challenges—we have opportunities.   We now have a golden opportunity to rethink the way we develop our cities and towns in the North State.  It is time for decision-makers at all levels to take advantage of changing contexts and provide the mix of flexible transportation and lifestyle options that local people of all generations, but especially young people, now crave in our community.

We need you to become a member and join us.  Help us build on our strong reputation, talented volunteers, and current alliances across the community.

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For more information contact Anne Thomas.

Thank you!

Caring supporters like you ensure donated funds are used locally and help build excellence in our community.


The Railyard

All Aboard! Exciting Potential Development Coming To Downtown Redding?

Shasta Living Streets has been talking with the Shasta Historical Society and other stakeholders in the discussion about the historic Wells Fargo building on Yuba Street and the long underused Union Pacific railroad reservation on which it sits. The current proposal would transform the site into “The Railyard,” a permanent home to the farmers’ market and a major multimodal transportation crossroads in downtown Redding!

This is an important opportunity to improve the walking and bicycling experience in downtown for three groups with significant purchasing power that will help make this downtown site a success:

Local shoppers:  People who will be more easily able to walk or bicycle from the many neighborhoods within two miles;

River trail tourists: There’s tremendous untapped potential for spending that will naturally come downtown once we build better bicycle and walking connections to our trail system;

Adventure-cycling enthusiasts bringing their bicycles to town by Amtrak’s Bicycle Tourism Route.  Read more about what Amtrak is doing to encourage and support tourists traveling with their bicycles.

Take a look at the preliminary Master Plan, put together with input from many stakeholders by the talented team at Trilogy.

Shasta Living Streets is working with the other stakeholders in this project to ensure that the infrastructure and facilities to support these groups (and their spending downtown) are included in the project scope.

What We Hope to See in this Mixed-Use Site

More ideas and details will come as we help develop the concept with stakeholders.  For now, here are five key things that we think are necessary to make this project a success.

  • Bikestation to provide services and information for people using a bicycle to get around Downtown Redding and beyond.
  • Bike corral or bicycle lockers for shoppers at the Farmers Market and visiting the historical site and other attractions.
  • Roll-on bicycle service at Amtrack – Infrastructure to ensure convenient travel for people with bicycles
  • Local neighborhood connections – Infrastructure to ensure reliable connections to neighborhoods and attractions within 2 miles of the Railyard
  • Reliable, convenient connection to the River Trail – Infrastructure to ensure reliable connections between the River Trail and the Railyard

If you have any ideas or other input you want to see included, or just want to talk about the project, please contact Anne.


One of the facilities we are advocating for the Railyard project is a Bikestation that would serve people coming to Redding through the transit crossroads and as well as those using the Railyard for the farmers’ market and other activities.

Bikestations are being installed in many places around the country and each one is customized to meet the needs of the community. They serve as a convenient place for secure bicycle parking and can offer affordable services and amenities for travelers, commuters, and casual cyclists such as:

  • Bicycle self-repair stations
  • Bike rentals & repairs
  • Retail sales & bicycle accessories
  • Restrooms, showers and/or changing rooms
  • Day-use lockers
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Access to environmentally-clean vehicle-sharing
  • Easy access to public transportation
  • Information to plan your commute trips

Learn more about Bikestations across the country.

A New Direction – Rails-With-Trails

This report gives examples across the country of public places and trails near railways.

Rails-With-Trails Are Safe and Increasing

Inspiration - An Image is Worth A Thousand Words  

The Downtown Redding Railyard project needs ideas and support from all of us across the community.  There is much we can do to build a livable community and a vibrant downtown in Redding.

The photo below is from a project in Rockville, MD.


From Better Cities.



Redding Trails Article

Are you looking for a copy of the recent article about Redding trails?

We met a number of people at today’s event on the Diestelhorst Bridge who had not had a chance to read this article.  Feel free to share with anyone you think would be interested.

There are two versions of the article, a shorter version for the print magazine, a longer version online. Both are available at the top of our Media page

IMG-20131116-00284 Yep, that’s an eagle enjoying the trail with us.