Active Living and Transportation Choice

Bicycling and walking for everyday transportation is good for a lot of things — it’s healthy, it’s green, it’s quiet, it’s fun, it’s fast, and it builds community.  Creating a safe place on our streets for bicycles and pedestrians does not require big, expensive new infrastructure projects; it’s about revising how we use our already existing streets. It’s about making cities and towns in our region navigable, not just by cars, but also by human power. It’s about providing the basics to everyone, in their neighborhood, now — thus giving people transportation choice.

Safe access for bicycling and walking for everyday transportation has been shown to address many health and community concerns:  obesity and disease from sedentary lifestyles, economic hardship as energy prices rise, air pollution, inactivity of children and youth, streets that don’t support neighborhood retail, neighborhoods that lack livability, and death and injury to people from transit-way crashes.

Shasta Living Streets is a local program that seeks to increase the health and community benefits of everyday physical activity for all community members in our region by promoting safe access for biking and walking as everyday transportation.

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