10 Ways you can help Redding Trails and stay safe yourself

We Love Redding Trails! What can you do to help keep our trails safe, lovely and enjoyable for everyone?

These recommendations come from community discussion on June 23.  All input is being reviewed by Redding Community Services and Friends of Redding Trails.  A second meeting will be announced soon for ways to help with the new Redding Trails Watch and other activities.

10 Ways you can help Redding Trails and stay safe yourself

10.   Know the risks.   Chief Paoletti says: “Redding trails are very safe for everyone. The majority of recent issues are graffiti, with a couple suspicious circumstances and a couple property thefts, and two incidents of violent crime. Let’s keep this crime rate low with thoughtful crime prevention.” His department is taking the recent violent crime very seriously with a number of strategies underway.

9.  Prevent crime.  Chief Poletti says: “Enjoy the trail, and – be aware of your surroundings and travel in groups.  People are more vulnerable when they are alone.”

Rather than walk alone – join a walking group.  Find a group and a time that works for you here:  Friends of Redding Trails Walking Groups

8.  Bring a canine friend.  If you want to walk alone, take a walk with your dog.

7.  Spread the word.  There is a $3,000 reward for identifying the person responsible for the June 11th attack. Redding Police Department will be sharing this award information widely.

6.  Take an app with or One turns your phone into an alarm device when needed. The other sends your location to a loved one as you walk, run or bike on the trail.

5.  Make the call.  If you see something on the trail – call someone. Friends of Redding Trails distributes cards with important phone numbers. Keep this card with you and call if you see graffiti or suspicious activity.

Get a card at Redding Recreation, or Saturday Farmers Market at the Shasta Living Streets Valet Bicycle Parking booth.

4.  If you don’t have time to volunteer – donate!  Quality programs take money, your donations make a difference. Join a local organization that helps to build and maintain our trails.

We recommend Friends of Redding Trails / Shasta Living Streets – Donate or Renew your membership today    And there are many others doing great things: Trails and Bikeway Council, Shasta Support Services, one of our local Rotary clubs.

3.  Volunteer to help maintain Redding Trails.

Join Friends of Redding Trails for trail maintenance walks and projects.   Contact

October 1st is the annual community-wide Sacramento River Trail Clean-up.  Contact City of Redding Recreation 530.225.4512

2.  Participate in the new Redding Trails Watch.  Sign-up to walk or ride and be the eyes and ears of the trail:   Sign up for Trail Watch

1.  Don’t wait – call your friends, go out together and enjoy the trails today!  And tomorrow, and next week too.  Take a walk, ride your bike,  or your unicycle, walk the dog, take a picnic — enjoy the trail and be aware of your surroundings. The more people using the trails and taking care of each other the safer we all are.


Friends of the Redding Trails is a group of people focused on supporting the  valuable trail system in the Redding area that connects our homes, businesses, parks and local attractions.

Co-Directors are  Linda Masterson and Peter Alexander.

Friends of Redding Trails is an important part of Shasta Living Streets.

Projects include monitoring of trails to see what needs to be addressed, communication with city agencies about concerns and opportunities, periodic clean-up projects, and hosting community events to help everyone learn about and enjoy the trails.