What We Do

Shasta Living Streets builds prosperous communities by creating better bikeways and trails, walkable cities and vibrant public places where active living excellence brings a strong and secure economy and enables all people in our region to lead healthy and joyful lives.

VISION  We imagine cities and towns with an emphasis on being outdoors on interconnected walking paths and bicycle networks, with vibrant business districts, transit that works, and community socializing fostered by trails and parks and an ease for getting out and about. It’s the type of place sought after by millenials with children, by young CEOs, and by retiring couples who can now live anywhere and want active lifestyles.

This is a cross between traditional small-town America and a modern, progressive thinking city.

CHALLENGE  In our region the high cost and lack of choice when it comes to transportation destabilizes families, leads to poor health, and drives talented young people and retired couples to seek another place to live, leaving our families stressed, our businesses without the employees they need, and our economy at risk.

YOU CAN HELP  We invite you to join us. Shasta Living Streets powerfully contributes to local prosperity by building true excellence in active living with 21st Century amenities and services and ongoing public involvement.

Shasta Living Streets, and our supporters and partners believe we have an exciting opportunity to build great cities and towns in our region by making bicycling and walking safe, convenient and fun.

Making bicycling and walking safe, convenient and fun for everyday transportation brings tremendous advantages – it allows families to be healthy and saves money on transportation, makes more vibrant and connected communities, and supports our local businesses by helping them attract customers, retain talented staff and attract tourists.

Building better bikeways and walkable cities, it turns out, is good for all of us whether we bicycle and walk or not, because it’s good for local business and the strength of our community.

Shasta Living Streets works to build better bikeways and walkable cities in our region by inspiring a vision, sharing information, providing services, products and events, and engaging with the community and local agencies in collaborative efforts to make bicycling and walking convenient, reliable and fun.

Thus building a community that offers everyone ages 8-80 a thriving regional economy, healthy local business, strong families, improved fitness, greater community interaction, less civic cost, less pollution, better living and more joy.

Recent Awards

  • Caltrans Excellence in Transportation Award. Innovative safety design for people cycling
  • Redding Chamber of Commerce Recognition.  Service to the community
  • California Streetsblog Streetsie Award.  Local organization with the biggest statewide impact
  • California Walks Advocacy Leadership Award.  Exceptional results for More Livable Main Streets
  • Shasta Public Health Advisory Board Award.  Leveraging local assets to improve community health


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