We imagine Downtown Redding as the center hub of a connected city. It’s a people-friendly, walkable, bikeable district with vibrant public places. Downtown is linked to nearby walkable districts by transit-oriented and trail-oriented development.

People are attracted to live, work and play here – increasing property values and enabling local businesses to attract more customers and employees as walking and bicycling conditions improve. This is a place where a mother feels welcomed and comfortable riding her bike with her children and walking and shopping downtown.

It’s the type of place sought after by millennials with children, by young CEOs and by retiring couples who can now live anywhere and want active lifestyles for themselves and their employees. This is a cross between traditional small-town America and a modern, progressive thinking city.


In our region, the high cost and lack of transportation choice destabilizes families, leads to poor health, and drives talented young people and retired couples to seek another place to live and play. Leaving our families stressed, our businesses without the employees they need, and our children at risk.

Today Shasta County has unacceptably high rates of debilitating health outcomes directly related to inactivity, along with some of the highest levels in the U.S. of death and life-altering injuries from car collisions with people walking and biking.


Shasta Living Streets builds prosperous communities by creating better bikeways and trails, walkable cities and vibrant public places ~ where active living excellence brings a strong and secure economy and enables all people in our region to lead healthy and joyful lives.


Caltrans Excellence in Transportation Award 2017
Innovative safety design for people cycling on state highways. Now used by others.

Redding Chamber of Commerce Hall of Excellence  2017  Recognized: Service to the community

Caltrans Smart Mobility Learning Network, w Caltrans D2 2016
Requested to present our work together: California Street rightsizing project, Parklet demonstration, and 2-way protected bike lane.  The only site-project in the best-practice series.

California Streetsblog Streetsie Award 2015 
Local Advocacy with the Biggest Statewide Significance 

California Walks Advocacy Leadership Award 2015
Exceptional results for More Livable Main Streets that charts a realizable vision for walkability for California’s non-coastal communities

Feature article Caltrans HQ Magazine, Mile-Marker 2015
Redding California: New Road Diet Improves Downtown Business

Shasta Public Health Advisory Board Award 2014, 2012  Leveraging local assets to improve health


Established in 2010 by a handful of enthusiasts, Shasta Living Streets has grown considerably, innovated new programs and services, helped shift public and agency vision and direction, and supported projects that have brought more funding, better policy, and breakthrough change to our community.

The organization now consists of three part-time staff, 250 paid member-donors, engaged businesses, many volunteers, and thousands of event and social media participants.


Anne Wallach Thomas, Executive Director


Close working partnerships help us bring  improved policy, more funding, and talented expertise to local efforts.

California Bicycle Coalition
California Walks
American Trails
Network Member of Open Street programs worldwide


Donations to Shasta Living Streets are fully tax deductible.   Our fiscal sponsor ensuring compliance with tax law is the California Bicycle Coalition Education Fund.  


1313 California Street, Redding, CA  96001


We invite you to join us. Shasta Living Streets powerfully contributes to local prosperity by building true excellence in active living with 21st Century amenities and services and ongoing public involvement.

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