active living is our essential character

Building Our Superior Advantage – Lifestyle and Active Living 

When we couple superior facilities for biking and walking within our cities and county with our existing world-class recreational attractions – we will ensure our region excels as a destination for families, businesses, and visitors.

High quality city trails build on our community interests and assets because active living is part of the essential character of the North State.  Relaxed outdoor living is a part of the history and culture of the place we live.

One of our greatest public assets is the interconnected network of streets and public places that binds our homes, schools, businesses and parks.   We have an opportunity to create space along these roads to make bicycling and walking safe and convenient for all people, ages 8-80.  This will add value to adjacent land, neighborhoods and business districts, as is happening already in Downtown Redding.

By working together to make this happen we can generate real collective impact with benefits across our communities.