What We Do

Shasta Living Streets is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to building Better Bikeways and Trails, Walkable Cities and vibrant public places.

We host inspirational events and workshops

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We believe when we couple superior facilities for active transportation and public space with our existing world-class recreational attractions – we will ensure our region excels as a place for families and businesses to thrive and as a destination for tourists.   

We recognize our greatest public asset is the interconnected network of streets, trails and public places that bind our homes, schools, businesses and parks.  What we want to see includes:

  • Quiet, low-speed residential streets
  • A world-class bicycling network with bike lanes to serve people of all abilities, ages 8 to 80
  • Protected bike lanes for a trail-like experience, on busy streets with sophisticated intersection controls
  • Off-street pathways, greenways and trails
  • Walkable, bicycle-friendly business districts
  • All children can walk or bike to school
  • Comprehensive Regional Active Transportation Plan and Action


Shasta Living Streets inspires, engages and partners with community members and leaders to build Better Bikeways and Trails, Walkable Cities and vibrant public places and make daily bicycling and walking convenient, reliable and fun.  

Thus building a community that offers everyone ages 8-80 a thriving regional economy, healthy local business, strong families, improved fitness, greater community interaction, less civic cost, less pollution, better living, and more joy.

How we do this

  • Strengthen public understanding and develop a vision.
  • Produce events so people can experience the vision.
  • Enable active citizen volunteers and build community.
  • Collaborate to create high quality bicycle and pedestrian facilities, complete streets and other supportive aspects of a community that is truly friendly to active transportation and livable communities.
  • Connect to lessons and ideas from state, national and international efforts.

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