Caltrans Bicycle Advisory Committee

Keith Williams is a voting member of the statewide Caltrans Bicycle Advisory Committee, representing the issues and opportunities from our region for people, families and businesses who will benefit from truly bicycle friendly cities, towns and local connections.

Keith is an Associate Transportation Planner for Shasta Regional Transportation Agency .   He is the sole  representative from the North State on this statewide committee.

Dave Snyder, Executive Director of the California Bicycle Coalition says “Keith plays an important role on the committee and has already had an impact in helping achieve a victory in the recent meeting clarifying standards for bicycle facility design.”

This important committee serves to inform Caltrans on state-wide policy, infrastructure standards and implementation, providing input on bicycle facility design issues.

In early 2013,  Shasta Living Streets sponsored Keith Williams for his initial appointment to the statewide Advisory Committee.

What we do and how you can help

Shasta Living Streets helps support Keith in his role by sharing information and gathering input from people and businesses across our community.   Keith attends our meetings regularly to give updates from CBAC.

If you have ideas or concerns you would like to have considered by the committee, or if you would like to learn more about what is currently being recommended – feel free to contact Keith, or Anne, or attend one of our monthly meetings.

Why This is so important

While the cities and counties of the North State are not the most populous areas in the state, we represent the “other” California, outside of metropolitan areas – with perspectives and issues that are important to include in order to get buy-in and to design solutions and approaches that will work here as well as broadly across California.

Caltrans policy and implementation greatly affects people, families and business in our region.

People living in cities and counties like ours are especially dependent on statewide transportation direction, policies and programs.   And the need is great – for example, current context and road conditions across the North State mean that despite strong interest from local families – very few children can walk or bicycle to school or to a friendʼs house or the local business district.  Few of these children have transit options, and we have a high rate of death and injury when people walk and bicycle despite dangers.

It is ironic that in this more rural place children and families generally have less opportunity to walk and bicycle than in metropolitan areas.

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