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The supporters of Shasta Living Streets want to create great cities and towns by implementing living street design in our communities.  We believe there are advantages in the North State that will allow us to overcome many challenges and make our place a superior example of sustainable living and a strong economy supported by active transportation.  This will:

  • Allow families and individuals to be healthy and save money on transportation,
  • Make more vibrant and connected communities and business districts, and
  • Support our local businesses by helping them attract customers, retain talented staff and attract tourists.

This change requires alliances between public, private and non-profit organizations.  We believe Shasta Living Streets can make a significant difference here and now because we have already seen excitement about the programs and a growing list of engaged individuals and partner groups.  We see shifting perceptions about what is possible and ever increasing demand for more, better, faster.

Bicycling and walking should be safe, easy, and enjoyable.   It won’t happen here without significant effort.   We have challenges but more than that we have opportunities. 

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